Tomos Young Creative Learning Associate

Tomos joined Sg2 in July 2013 as Dance Artist and Access Worker after touring with Stopgap in 2011 and 2012 in SPUN Productions.

Tomos studied for his Baccalaureat at the Institution Sevignee in France before moving to London where he obtained a Diploma in Musical Theatre and a BA Hons in Performing Arts at Doreen Bird College.

He has worked as a Dance Artist in works including Moorish Dancers at the Playhouse London (choreographer: David Fielding) and Spare Rib (choreographer: Scarlet Perdereau) and with companies including Transitions; Joondance; Interdigitate and Non Such Historical Dance Company. He has also worked with Haugesund Teater in Norway on Amanda fra Haugesund and Helter (choreographers: Darren Royston and Amalia Brigit Nielsen). Most recently he toured Norway in The Desperate Edge of Now (choreographer: Kari Hoaas) and performed in Chris Pavia’s work Captured by the Dark at the Place for Resolution! 2013.

Recently Tomos has started to develop his own choreographic work with TYDC performing at the Place as part of Resolution! 2012.

Tomos has collaborated with Stopgap on SPUN Productions.