Within - GCSE/BTEC/A-Level Dance Studies Resource Pack & DVD

This resource pack and DVD are based on Thomas Noone’s work Within (2010) for the company. The pack contains contextual information, analysis and tasks which are useful for a wide range of purposes being suitable across Key Stages 3, 4 and 5, and within different settings and contexts.

The pack provides teachers with a variety of practical ideas for approaching study of the work and also guides students through the process of making their own analysis and individual responses toWithin. Some of the tasks are based on the creation process undertaken by the dancers with the choreographer and can be used by teachers as a springboard for generating their own ideas and movement explorations.

the front coverThe DVD contains the full performance of Within; repertoire examples, short phrases or motifs, selected for a range of physicalities and demonstrated by the dancers; and extracts from workshops based on Within, which can be used to develop ideas for choreography.

On this DVD, movement material is taught to disabled and non-disabled students. Together with interviews with Stopgap dancers about methods of adaptation, it will assist in understanding the principles of adaptation during delivery.

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This resource pack and DVD are distributed by The National Resource Centre for Dance at The University of Surrey, and it can be purchased by clicking here.

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