Inclusive Dance Intensive

A three-day intensive opening up the company’s current inclusive practice to other like-minded dance artists

Each spring, artists from Stopgap’s core artistic team lead a practical dance intensive on the company’s recent studio learnings, as well as exploring what is keeping them curious right now.

These intensives involve an inclusive full company dance class, improvisation, contact dance explorations, task based creativity and the sharing of Stopgap’s inclusive choreographic methods.

We encourage both dancers and choreographers to get involved, as well as practitioners who work inclusively and those who do not yet work in an inclusive way. Much of Stopgap’s inclusive dance lab is about bringing artists together. It is also a chance for us to meet dancers who are interested in working with the company in the future.

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A short video of the intensive that took place in 2017. There are 36 disabled and non-disabled dancers from all over the world being instructed by Artistic Director Lucy Bennett and senior artist Chris Pavia. The video shows dancers working on duets, improvisation and solo works.

Further information

Stopgap dancers Nadenh and Hannah during a contact dance exercise. They are being looked on by Laura, and two other wheelchair dancers

[Image Description: A photograph from the studio of a duet between Hannah and Nadenh. In his wheelchair, Nadenh leans down to cradle Hannah’s head as she leans towards him from her seated position on the floor. Hannah is a learning disabled dancer, she’s white with blonde hair, she has her eyes closed. Nadenh is Cambodian, he has light brown skin, he has black hair tied up and a half shaved head, he has a tattoo of a tiger on his left arm. They are in a wooden panelled studio, behind them lots of dancers in wheelchairs observe the scene.]