Fundraising for a new wheelchair for Nadenh

Stopgap is fundraising to purchase a much needed new wheelchair for Nadenh

Nadenh’s chair is in desperate need of replacement, currently held together by gaffer tape and many makeshift pieces that Nadenh has assembled himself. This makes his chair not only inadequate for the demands of everyday life, but also dangerous for his work as a dance artist. 

Through fundraising we hope to raise enough money to pay for a new custom-built chair for Nadenh. This chair will actually be made to fit an adult and will accommodate the demands of his job. It will allow him to continue to develop as an artist and continue to work and take safe risks. It will also allow him to teach and to continue to inspire the next generation of disabled dancers.

Please see below or click here to see a short video about Nadenh or make a donation (however small).