Sg2 - Stopgap's apprentice company re-launches with a series of taster workshops

Alongside the Spring 2018 tour of The Enormous Room, we are holding a series of exciting, taster workshops for potential candidates for Sg2, our newly re-launched apprentice company...

The company will operate as a three-year training programme for a small group of unique dancers, preparing them for a career in contemporary dance. With only four places available, Sg2 will be expertly tailored to the needs, skills and interests of the budding dance artists. Involved in company life from the start, the Sg2 dancers are gradually introduced to the career of a professional dancer through regular technique classes, teacher training sessions, creation and performances.

Sg2 has been developed with disabled dancers in mind. In the first year, we will be recruiting two disabled dancers, and they will be joined by two non-disabled dancers in years two and three, who are due to be appointed through the Postgraduate Apprentice Scheme of Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Over the course of three years, the Sg2 programme will guide the dancers to become a working inclusive dance company giving them the skills to grow into exceptional inclusive artists.

Sg2 taster workshops are as follows:

8pm, 29th January 2018 - Holland Dance
2pm, 8th February 2018 - The Point (please contact the venue for more info)
11am, 24th February 2018 - DanceEast
4.30pm, 26th February - Greenwich Dance Agency, London (please contact us to book)
pm, 5th March 2018 - Tacchi Morris (please contact the venue for more info)

In addition to these, potential candidates can also attend our open classes on Wednesdays in Guildford.

For any questions or to be kept in touch about future developments, please contact us or ask in person at our taster workshops or open classes in Guildford.

Auditions are Sg2 are currently scheduled for April 2018 at the Farnham Maltings in Surrey. The dates will be announced soon, and the application pack can be downloaded from here.

This second edition of Sg2 has been made possible thanks to additional funding from Arts Council England.