Stopgap's collaboration with classical music

Stopgap collaborate with London Contemporary Orchestra and Matthew Sharp

Stopgap is thrilled to be collaborating with acclaimed pioneers of classical music, the London Contemporary Orchestra, and 'virtuoso of the arts', Matthew Sharp.

We are spending this week in the studio researching how music and dance can be truly integrated to create a new form of expression using Incantatio as the score (composed by the celebrated French composer Richard Dubugnon).

Stopgap’s Artistic Director, Lucy Bennett will be the choreographer of the project and will be working with four Stopgap dance artists, five musicians from London Contemporary Orchestra and Matthew to explore how music and dance can become fully integrated.

Stopgap’s choreographic starting point is the unique physicality of each dancer and the company constantly create new dance language and fresh narratives by blending individual movement styles. Integrating the musicians’ physicality will be a new extension of Stopgap's process and another exciting opportunity to explore how diversity and cross-pollination can open up new avenues for the arts.

Matthew will be playing the Cello, and he has called on London Contemporary Orchestra’s Artistic Director Robert Ames to gather two violinists, a violist and a double bassist.

We will be sharing a video film about the early stage creative process in the next few weeks. An open rehearsal of the exploration will be presented in London before April with a view to building touring partnerships to take this new performance to audiences from Autumn 2015.

Stopgap Dance Company and the collaborators would like to thank Arts Council England for providing Grants for the arts funding to Matthew for enabling this research project.