Beyond the waves

Beyond the Waves is a site-specific dance work created by Chris Pavia during his tenure as the Artist in Residence at Watts Gallery in 2021.

Chris explored the sculpture of G F Watts in the collection and created a series three of solos in collaboration with and danced by artists from Stopgap Dance Company. These were captured on film by Roswitha Chesher to be presented as an installation piece at the Gallery.

Image of Nadenh in Beyond the waves

[Image description: dancer Nadenh Poan has his arms raised above his head in a cradling fashion with his eyes gazing longingly into his hands. He is sitting in front of a painting which is out of focus and blurred. Nadenh is a Cambodian dancer with frizzy hair tied back, wearing a grey half sleeve t-shirt sitting on a wooden floor and in front of a red wall]

Exhibition dates

This tour has finished.

Chris Pavia
Artistic Director and Choreographer

Christian Brinklow, Nadenh Poan and Abbie Thompson
Dancers and devisers

Roswitha Chesher

Tom Goodwin
Choreographic coach

Andy Higgs

Chloe Mead
Costume Design

Finn James

Callum Graham Robertson

Supported by

The dance work was commissioned by Watts Gallery Trust in collaboration with DAiSY (Disability Arts in Surrey) and with mentoring and produced by Stopgap Dance Company. It was created during Chris’ time as Artist in Residence at Watts Gallery from November 2020 to March 2021, supported by Arts Council England