The Triple Bill

A production image of Corpus, featuring Laura Jones, Chris Pavia, Lucy Bennett and Dan Watson

Stopgap burst onto the contemporary dance scene with the launch of this triple bill in 2003. The evening consisted of Corpus by Filip van Huffel, Dancer’s Syndrome by Adam Benjamin and Thank you for the eggs by Bettina Strickler.

  • Stopgap Dance Company reflects a discerning eye


Corpus takes places in an after-party, and it looks at each individual through intimate physical relationships and quirky humour


Dancer's Syndrome

Thank you for the eggs


Vicki Balaam
Artistic Director

Filip van Huffel (Retina Dance Company)
Choreographer (Corpus)

Adam Benjamin
Choreographer (Dancer's Syndrome)

Bettina Strickler
Choreographer (Thank you for the eggs)

Laura Jones, Lucy Bennett, Chris Pavia and Dan Watson

Jules Maxwell

Suzie Holmes
Costume Design

Denise Woods