by Sander Verbeek

Looking down from above, concentric circles ripple out from a water droplet as it falls on dark black water. Deep blue and hot pink lights reflect and highlight crests and waves of the ripple as it spreads from the centre outwards.

Join SAND-Rs ‘audio bubble’ Boombox in a new digital dance work! A fun and frequently frisky one-person audio performance, and a cosmic immersive experience that responds and changes with our energy levels.

SAND-R invites you into their Boombox and guides you through a choreographed experience, describing their movements and unique outlook as they perform.

Creative Transcript by Sand-R

As Dance Tapes is audio-based, we wanted to provide access for those whose sensory experience doesn’t prioritise sound. We’ve created transcripts that notate all spoken text and include descriptions of the soundtrack and music, supporting all listeners to engage with the audio work – not just Deaf audiences, but also those with different levels of audio-processing. There are two versions, one is creatively designed and uses typography, the other is a plain text word document. We encourage you to explore these as you listen.

SAND-R is experimenting with a variety of transcript versions that create different experiences, to find these please click here to visit the ‘Accessibility Pack’ on Sander’s website.


A male wheelchair dancer in the dance studio

Sander Verbeek is a UK based Dutch artist. Sander is doing a dance class wearing a purple long sleeve T-shirt with the right arm raised and bent inwards with eyes downcast looking very pensive

SAND-R (he/they), otherwise known as Sander Verbeek is a Disabled artist from The Netherlands. SAND-R’s career started at Holland Dance Festival (HDF) in 2016. At HDF he quickly got to collaborate with other European dance companies through iDance and also to perform with The Dutch National Ballet.

Through iDance they started working with Stopgap Dance Company and in 2018 they joined Stopgap’s Sg2 as an apprentice dancer. As an apprentice for Stopgap the connection with HDF was still strong and a European tour with SALLY Dance Company and SAND-R was planned to happen in 2019 and 2020.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic this tour was put on hold after the first performance. Fortunately towards the end of their time with Sg2 a new creative outlet was found with the Dance Tapes project.


Dance Tape ‘Boombox’ by Sander Verbeek
Sound design and composition by Hannah Miller & Oliver Austin (Moulettes)
Produced by Stopgap Dance Company