Six striking dancers collide in an uplifting dance riot accompanied by especially composed original music by Hannah Miller and Oli Austin of Moulettes

In this quirky dance piece, you’ll watch playful observations of the yesteryears explode into a ‘punkish’ celebration of individuality and difference.

Nadenh balances in a shoulder stand in his wheelchair, his head pressed against the pavement and hands bracing himself as he lifts his lower body and lightweight black chair into the air.

[Image Description: Photo from a live outdoor performance of Frock. Nadenh balances in a shoulder stand in his wheelchair, his head pressed against the pavement and hands bracing himself as he lifts his lower body and chair into the air. He looks towards the front of the image and we see the underside of his chair. Nadenh is a brown-skinned Cambodian man, he wears a floral yellow dress, black fingerless workout gloves and black trainers. A crowd of people watches in the background.]

Tour Dates

More dates for 2023 announced soon



  • Demonstrating the ability of the human body ★★★★

  • The audience is invited to rewrite the interpretative signs of the world ★★★★

Artistic Access

We are passionate about making our productions accessible to a wide range of audiences, and below is a link to some imaginative approaches to achieve this. Each asset is designed to give enhanced experiences for people with specific access needs, but we encourage everyone to give them all a try! These assets will draw you deeper into our work by inviting you to engage with dance through new perspectives.

Our access assets for Frock include an ‘Easy-Read Visual Story’ and the innovative ‘Audio Experience’.

Audio experience invites the audience to dive into the world of Frock with audio experiences led by the dancers. These are a series of soundtracks that allow the listeners to explore the choreography and soundscapes of each scene within Frock. They are designed to give blind or visually impaired audiences an enhanced insight into the piece but offer everyone the opportunity to delve deeper into the work. Each track comes with a transcript.

Your Reactions

Production Images

  • Five dancers from FROCK arranged in a tableux, holding teacups.
  • Three pairs of dancers caught in the peak moment of jumps and lifts together.
  • Alice and Christian dancing together on a grassy field, Christian leaps and Alice balances on one leg.
  • Two men together in a duet, Christian and Jannick.
  • Six dancers in a line, each balancing tea cups on their lifted elbows.


Lucy Bennett
Artistic Direction & Choreography

Christian Brinklow, KJ Mortimer, Jannick Moth, Nadenh Poan Hannah Sampson, Alice Shepperson
Performers & Devisers

Amy Butler, Annie-Rose Grantham, Emily Lue-Fong, Luis Dunn, Amelia Clark
Additional dancers

Martina Trottmann
Costume Design

Hannah Miller of Moulettes with additional material from Oliver Austin

Siobhan Hayes
Rehearsal Director

Lily Norton
Access Artist

Thomas Goodwin and Carrie Whitaker (Lila Dance)
Creative input during research & development

Sho Shibata
Executive Producer

Dougie Evans

Ethan Duffy
Project Manager

Supported by

Without Walls, Arts Council England, Salisbury Festival, Hat Fair Festival, Stockton International Riverside Festival and Norfolk & Norwich Festival