The Awakening

The Awakening is a quiet but simmering disruption in outdoor spaces. Choreographed by learning disabled dance artist Chris Pavia, who refers to himself as ‘unique’, The Awakening involves individuals trapped in a strange but mesmerising ritual.

The Awakening. Three faces impassive and staring.

A line of three impassive and glaring faces: Hannah, Nadenh and Amy look outwards together eyes, their glossy and smudged with black kohl liner. Each wears a striped or checkered scarf in shades of blue and burgundy around their neck.


Advocating for learning disabled dance artists

Stopgap Dance Company is a specialist in nurturing talented learning disabled dance artists, and we have the creative team who comprehend the artistic vision of these artists and help it come to life.

We believe that learning disabled dance artists like Chris Pavia can make works of a high standard given the right creative team and the support, and The Awakening has been an opportunity to demonstrate this to promoters and audiences.

Stopgap Dance Company is working with a number of festivals in summer 2014 to make Chris the first learning disabled dance artist ever to make work for national touring, and we look forward to working with more festivals to change public perceptions about art and learning disability.

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Chris Pavia
Artistic Director & Choreographer

Lucy Bennett
Choreographic Facilitator

Amy Butler, Siobhan Hayes, Nadenh Poan, Hannah Sampson and Tomos Young

Martina Trottmann
Costume Design

Andy Higgs

Amy Blake
Hair and Make-up Design

Sho Shibata
Executive Producer

Supported by

The Mayor of London’s Liberty Festival with support from Arts Council England, University of Surrey and Wellington College