The Journey Between

[Image description: Nadenh, a southeast Asian wheelchair dancer with brown skin and dark hair, crouches forward in his chair. He is wearing beige coloured shirt with brown and orange stripes and orange trousers. Behind him is Christian, a white, standing white skinned dancer in a red suit. Nadenh has his left arm up 90 degrees to the side of his body supporting Christian's right leg, which is lifted 90 degrees in parallel with Nadenh's arm. The dancers are in a darkly lit space with two grey boulders beside them]

The Journey Between is an exhilarating exploration of how humanity connects and disconnects, long signified in mythology surrounding the movement of stars and planets. Two cosmic entities, embodied by dancers Nadenh Poan and Christian Brinklow, search for each other through space. The high-energy performance of the dancers is complemented by immersive digital projections created by learning disabled artists from Carousel, resulting in a visually stunning work.

  • What an amazing piece of dance! It was fast paced and virtuoso in moments, but also slow and considered at others. The digital projection was mesmerising, complementing the performance nicely

Production images

  • Nadenh crouching forward in dark blue lighting with projection of stars on his body. A big dipper is boldly projected on his body

  • Christian is in a forward crouching position with his arms out like wings. There is red mist all around him in a dark space

  • Christian stands behind Nadenh, who is doing a wheelie. Both their right arms are out 90 degrees to the side of their body trying to touch a projection of a galaxy in a darkly lit space

Tour Dates

This tour has finished.


Creative Team

Choreographer – Chris Pavia
Performers – Nadenh Poan and Christian Brinklow
Digital projection – Jason Eade and William Hanekom
Composer – Andy Higgs
Costume design – Martina Trottmann
Lighting design and Technical manager – Francois Langton
Choreographic mentor – Amy Butler
Rehearsal director – Siobhan Hayes
Stopgap producer – Callum Graham
Carousel producer – David Parker


The Journey Between is co-produced by Stopgap Dance Company and Carousel. Supported by Arts Council England and Commissioned and supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Spirit of 2012.