Artificial Things (2014, Stage)

'Artificial Things' – Creation Week 1 - January 2013

Here are some photos taken during our first week in the studio working on Artificial Things – Part 1

‘Artificial Things’ – Week 2 - Febuary 2013

Here is a small snippet of what we have been up to with guest choreographer Yoshifumi Inao, who is creating the opening section of our new work Artificial Things.

‘Artificial Things’ – An Insight from the Artistic Director Lucy Bennett - Febuary 2013

Lucy talks about what Yoshifumi is developing in the studio, click here.

Chris on working with Charlie Morrissey - March 2013

Stopgap Dancer Chris Pavia talks about Charlie Morrissey's professional development workshops the dancers have been receiving. Click here to read.

David's thoughts on working with Yoshi - May 2013

David writes about working with Yoshifumi Inao on creation part one of Artifical Things. Click here to read more. 

Teaser Trailer - 

Working with Jozef from Rootlessroot - June 2013

Amy, David and Chris write about working with Jozef Frucek from Rootlessroot. Click here to find out about their time with him. 

Behind the scenes of 'Artificial Things' - 

Artificial Things creative residency at Pavilion Dance - June 2013

Week 3 of Creation – June 2013 - the dance artists' thoughts here

Artificial Things creative residency at Pavilion Dance (2) - June 2013

Week 3 of Creation – June 2013 - photos

Chris' Artificial Things character development - June 2013

Chris has been working on developing his character in Artificial Things, click here to check out his thoughts.

Dave Toole on working with Stopgap again - June 2013

Dave writes about returning to Stopgap to work on Artificial Things.

Photos from creation at Zinc Arts - June 2013

Click here to see what we've been up to!

Photos from week 2 at Zinc Arts - June 2013

Find them here.

Composer Andy on working with Stopgap - June 2013

During creation at Zinc Arts, Andy Higgs, composer for the final section of Artificial Things, has set up his own studio next to the dancers to start creating the music. He has written a blog about the experience... 

Creation at the University of Surrey - July 2013

Photos and thoughts from the dancers during the first week back in creation after 2 weeks off. 

Stopgap's Richard Walker - July 2013

Richard Walker – What does a Production Manager do? Read about it here!

Laura's Chicken phrase adaptations - August 2013

Adaptation for Laura’s Chicken phrase. Chicken phrase? Read here!

David on Section Two of Artificial Things - August 2013

David explains the ideas behind section two of Artificial Things, follow this link!

'Critical Friends' Sharing - September 2013

Blog about the scratch sharing of Artificial Things for our ‘Critical Friends’. Producer Sho Shibata talks about the ideas behind the sharing event, find it here.

Notes on Stopgap’s Creative Process for Artificial Things . . . .  - September 2013

Artistic Director, Lucy Bennett explains the process and ideas behind the creativity for Artificial Things. Where did it all begin? Click here to find out.

Chris Benstead's blog on composing for Artificial Things - February 2014

Christopher Benstead writes a few words on his time collaborating with choreographer Yoshifumi Inao for the opening scene of Stopgap’s new production Artificial Things; read about it here.

Jim Pinchen talks about composing for Stopgap - February 2014

Composer Jim Pinchen writes a blog explaining how he created the music for scene two of Stopgap’s new production Artificial Things.

Artificial Things Trailer - 


Artificial Things: Ideas and Creative Process - May 2014

Artisitic Director, Lucy, divulges where the initial idea for Artificial Things originated and how the dancers are crucial in the creative process... find the blog here.

Artifical Things Composers - May 2014

All three of Artificial Things composers have written about their experiences during the creation process…follow this link.

Artificial Things Design - May 2014

Anna Jones our Theatre and Costume Designer for Artificial Things explains where the creative ideas appeared from...