Frock (2019, outdoor)

Brace yourself for an uplifting dance riot…

Six striking dancers revel in the 21st Century freedoms of self identity. There is a clash of eras, a collision of partner work and blend of genders. Frock invites you to think about your unconscious bias on personal identity and acceptable appearance. Featuring some virtuosic partner work from Stopgap’s professional inclusive cast, this ‘Punkish’ dance reminds us why difference can and should be celebrated today.

Frock is Stopgap Dance Company's new outdoor show touring from May 2019. Supported through Spirit of 2012 and Arts Council England with Norfolk & Norwich Festival being our premiere partner.

Frock will be performed in conjunction with Frippery at Norfolk & Norwich Festival. Frippery is a collaboration between Stopgap's professional dancers and the local community.

Inspired by a golden era of clothing, come and see a cast of 30 local people get themselves in a twist. Frippery is a mass performance of Grandma’s footsteps that celebrates our connection with clothes and each other. This show will feature some partner work like you’ve never seen before.

Frippery can be restaged at other participating festivals if they can put forward a disability dance group, an intergenerational group and/or a non-disabled dance group from the local area. These local dancers will collaborate with the Stopgap dancers over weekend intensives, where the leader from each group will also receive a comprehensive insight into Stopgap's inclusive creative processes.

Frock and Frippery is a project that can leave an impact on local audiences, practitioners and participants.