The Awakening (2014, Outdoor)

Choreographer Chris Pavia with his dancers

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Advocating for learning disabled dance artists

Stopgap Dance Company is a specialist in nurturing talented learning disabled dance artists, and we have the creative team who comprehend the artistic vision of these artists and help it come to life.

We believe that learning disabled dance artists like Chris Pavia can make works of a high standard given the right creative team and the support, and The Awakening has been an opportunity to demonstrate this to promoters and audiences.

Stopgap Dance Company is working with a number of festivals in summer 2014 to make Chris the first learning disabled dance artist ever to make work for national touring, and we look forward to working with more festivals to change public perceptions about art and learning disability. 

About Chris Pavia

Chris Pavia is a dancer with Downs Syndrome, who has been working with Stopgap Dance Company for fifteen years. Stopgap has been supporting Chris' development as a choreographer and helped him to build a portfolio of choreographic works. Following his success in presenting his work at Resolution platform at The Place in January 2013, Stopgap Dance Company has commissioned Chris to make a 20-minute outdoor dance piece for national and international touring. 

As an artist, Chris is interested in examining the anxiety of being stranded. He associates this anxiety with his worst nightmare, which gives his choreography hypnotic and dreamy qualities. Through his work, he is telling us that ‘we might be able to get out of this bad dream if we could just wake up’.

This kind of internal discourse makes Chris’ work thought provoking, and it goes some way in changing people’s perspective on the type of work that learning disabled artists can create.

Technical Information

Minimum requirements from festivals:

- Performance space of 8m x 8m of flat, level concrete surface

- PA system with an audio playback facility for a Mac. PA to be set up by festival technician, and our staff will operate the Mac.

- Get-in and preparation time of 1.5 hours 

- Get-out time of 20 mins

- Wheelchair accessible dressing room

The Awakening involves three dancers, who will be supported by one company staff. 

Duration - 20 minutes

The Awakening can be performed up to twice in one day with at least one hour break between performances.