The Road (2017, outdoor)

Mambya Dance (Uganda), Pamoja Dance Group (Kenya) and Stopgap Dance Company (UK)

In collaboration with Stopgap’s Artistic Director Lucy Bennett, five men from different countries investigate some ideas surrounding the space in-between them, the walls that divide them and the paths that join them to find a shared physical language that needs no words.

The artists involved in this project worked from 3 different studios in 3 different countries creatively conversing through videos, messages and photos in a Whatsapp group. To begin with, they took inspiration from some video works by the performance artist Francis Alÿs, which offer poignant commentaries on social tensions that arise from subjections of common spaces. They then came together in the UK and then in the Netherlands to continue their conversation in the UK and to present the piece. 

The Research and Development period was made possible thanks to The British Council's NaNa funding and Holland Dance. The companies would also like to thank Arts Council England, Farnham Maltings, Greenwich+Docklands International Festival, XTRAX and The University of Chichester.