The Road (2017, outdoor)

Artistic Director: Lucy Bennett (Stopgap Dance Company)

Dance Artists: Silvester Barasa (Pamoja Dance Group); Christian Brinklow (Stopgap Dance Company); Joseph Kanyenje (Pamoja Dance Group); Nadenh Poan (Stopgap Dance Company) and Oscar Ssenyonga (Mambya Dance Company

Producer: Charlotte Mackie (Stopgap Dance Company)

Access Officer: Cherie Brennan (Stopgap Dance Company)

Mambya Dance Company 

Mambya Performing Arts Foundation is based in Kampala, Uganda. It was founded in 2013 by Oscar Ssenyonga to give young African people a platform to express and communicate thoughts and ideas relevant to their respective lives through the arts. In 2013 the foundation started a company - Mambya Dance Company - to provide more job opportunities for professional dancers and choreographers. Mambya Dance Company create and perform a diverse repertoire of dances that range from contemporary to hip hop with the vibrancy of African traditional dances.

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Pamoja Dance Group

Pamoja Dance Group are an inclusive dance company based in Nairobi, Kenya.  They aim to provide real integration of dancers with and without disabilities into the arts community and most important into society at large.  Miriam Rother founded Pamoja Dance Group and lived in Kenya until March 2008. When she left she handed over to Joseph Kanyenje, who is the current Artistic Director. 

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