Announcing The Seafarers


Laura, Chris and David in rehearsal. Laura sits on a dismantled wheelchair. Chris supports David as he sits without a chair between them.

[Image Description: On the right, Laura sits on a dismantled wheelchair, wheels askew either side. She gazes to the right, away from David, who is grasping her arm and pulling away from her. With a helpless expression he sits on nothing. Chris supports David's weight with an arm reaching across his body and under the arm. Chris stands solidly on the left, feet wide apart, facing away from the camera with Davids hand curling round the back of his neck.]

Throughout this spring Stopgap Dance Company will be creating a site specific dance production, The Seafarers, which will be performed in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard on 27 and 28 June.

Commissioned and co-produced by Portsmouth FestivitiesThe Seafarers will celebrate the resilient shipbuilding heritage of Portsmouth. Stopgap dance artists will be collaborating with the acclaimed contemporary-folk band The Moulettes and 40 members of the local community from Abstract Performing Arts School; The Urban Vocal Group; Portsmouth Grammar School and Highbury College.

You can keep up to date and follow the creation process through #SgTheSeafarers on Facebook and Twitter.

The Seafarers is made possible through generous funding from Arts Council England and partnerships with International Boatbuilding Training College; National Museum of the Royal Navy and Portsmouth Grammar School. The production will be showcased as part of this summer’s Portsmouth Festivities, the city’s annual arts extravaganza, which will run from Friday 19th to Sunday 28th June.

For more information on Portsmouth Festivities click here.