Chris' Artificial Things character development


Chris has been working with Joop in this second week to create more movement material for his solo in Artificial Things. After looking at pictures of dictators and heroes last week at Pavilion Dance, Chris has put together a scrapbook of all the gestural pictures and has been tasked to write down all the things that annoy him or that he dislikes. So if he was a leader of the world, he could say what he didn’t want people to do.

“This week we have also been looking at film footage of Laurel and Hardy, then focusing more on Hardy himself, so that Chris could take some movement material from him. We studied the footage and then found a shape or a pathway for Chris’ movement to take, making it into a storyline, focusing strongly on facial expressions so the intention of the gesture was clear.” Joop Oonk, Access worker

“When we watched the Oliver Hardy film, I imagined that I was a dictator from that film. After watching the footage, we did a task where all the gestures I had been studying were written down on small bits of paper and stuck into my scrapbook. I then made my way through the list putting together movement so it linked.” Chris Pavia, Dance Artist

Page spread of Chris' scrapbook from Artificial Things.

Black and white page spread of Chris' scrapbook from Artificial Things with pictures of dictators and heroes.

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