ISTD Springboard

Hannah's reflections

We hear from Hannah as she talks about her experience of teaching rep from The Awakening as part of an ISTD Springboard workshop at Urdang Academy in April.

On the 30th April, Cherie, Chris, Nadenh, Lucy and I, travelled to The Urdang Academy to teach a workshop based on The Awakening. This workshop was for participants who were involved in the ISTD Springboard day which involved young dancers and choreographers who are currently in training.

On this day, Chris, Nadenh and I taught a small bit of the piece each. We decided to teach a section separately so we could link them for the sharing after the session. We started off doing a small class which was led by Lucy, she taught a spine awakening and an articulation exercise. In our spine awakening exercise, we had to make our own movement from open instructions she gave us so we could repeat and layer. Next, we did an articulation exercise where we made our own version of warming up our hands and feet.

After class, I taught them one of the main sections from The Awakening called ‘Stomp.’ In this section, I taught them the beginning bit called ‘Whirlpool’ and our main ‘Stomp’ phrase. When I was teaching this, I had to teach them the textures, the rhythm and the speed of the phrase. I enjoyed teaching this group because I felt like a good role model for non-disabled dancers who are willing to find opportunities to become good dancers.

After this, Nadenh taught a translation travelling exercise where we explored rhythm, momentum, energy, speed and focus. We then learnt his travelling phrase from the piece called ‘Nadenh’s translation.’ At the sharing, Lucy told everyone what we do as a company and what we did in our session. I enjoyed being part of the sharing as a teacher, teaching them the routine in the session. I felt the sharing went well and it was useful and helpful for the group.

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