Home Practice Together

Join Stopgap artist Tom Goodwin for a Home Practice Together live workshop!

Building Confidence in Improvisation

Saturday 27th February, 10 - 13.30

Giving you a deeper insight into our Home Practice classes, we’ll be focusing on building confidence in improvisation.

Tom will meet you online in the ‘Home Practice Zoom Room’. After a warm welcome, they will guide you through two Home Practice Episodes sessions from our YouTube Channel with time set aside to meet, share, discuss and ask questions amongst participants. We’ll also spend some time with an improvisation score that Tom will lead live.

This Home Practice Together is an invitation to delve into your own improvisation practice in the company and support of fellow participants. It’s a chance to ask all the questions you have on the content of the classes and the subject in general. We can’t promise we’ll find all the answers, but together we’ll pool our experiences and definitely discover something new!

Reserve your spot via donation. You will receive instructions on how to join the class upon registration.

The donations we collect for these sessions will go to support Dave Toole’s UNLIMITED FUND for emerging artists, as well as supporting Stopgap’s teachers and artists.

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