What's On

Spring 2019

The Enormous Room - stage production  

Dancer David Toole looks moodily out of cupboard

Dave’s wife Jackie has died, but he still sees her everywhere She is lying in his bed, sitting at the kitchen table and laughing with their daughter Sam. Dave has withdrawn into the living room unable to let his memories go, but going is all that Sam can think about…. 

A wonderful exploration that comforts and provokes long after the piece has ended – Exeunt  

3 March - Earth Plaza, Ofuna, Kanagawa (hosted by KAAT)

8-9 March - Setagaya Public Theatre, Tokyo (tour organiser)

16 March - Kitakyushu Performing Arts Centre


Artificial Things - the film

The dancers are standing looking out blankly into the distance

A stark, empty office space is transformed into the exciting and rather sinister setting for a surreal dance performance.

There will be a long awaited London screening in Spring 2019. Watch this space for announcement!


Artists in Training

Dance Artists are in training in a studio

Once a month Stopgap open their studio to a small group of invited dance artists interested in the creative practices of an inclusive dance company. This is a rare insight into the company’s life within the studio (both the mundane and the magnificent...!), and it is also an opportunity for dance artists to develop their own practice under the guidance of Stopgap’s resident artists. For more information click the link above!

21 January - Lead by Laura Jones, Weydon Christian Centre, GU9 8RL

18 February - Joining in with Frock R&D - Crondall Village Hall, GU10 5QG

18 March - Lead by Chris Pavia, Weydon Christian Centre, GU9 8RL

15 April - Lead by Hannah Sampson, Weydon Christian Centre, GU9 8RL

Visit our youtube channel for our digital work too, including online dance classes and especialy made dance films.