Luis Dunn


Dancer - Frock Understudy

Luis Dunn

Luis is a recent graduate of Northern School of Contemporary Dance. During his training at
NSCD, Luis enjoyed working with Anton Lachky and Vicky Igbokwe, as well as touring with
Rita Marcalo (Instant Dissidence) in 2020. He then joined Luca Silvestrini’s Protein as a
Professional Placement Student as part of his MA in Dance Performance (NSCD). During
his time with Protein he toured with them and performed in The Little Prince, as well as
performing in their piece There and Here.

Prior to this, Luis found his way into the dance world through the breaking scene, working
with choreographers such as Robbie Graham and Nathan Geering. He also trained at The
Lowry’s Centre for Advanced Training, where he worked with Akram Khan Company and
Phoenix Dance Theatre.

Alongside performance-based work, Luis has a strong interest in choreography and
directing; co-founding Ironstone Productions, with whom he has created several pieces,
showcasing his ravenous appetite for film and how it informs his practice of working with
surreal narrative and visual storytelling.