About Home Practice

Home Practice is a free self-guided programme of online dance workshops and classes that introduce a variety approaches to dance practice, with inclusivity at its heart. As the name suggests, all sessions are suitable to practice at home, wherever that may be.

Home Practice is not about imitating what happens in the studio, but aims to support dancers’ continued process of learning whilst at home. Home Practice highlights the solo dancing experience, encouraging participants to own their own practice – free of over-critical comparison to others. It aims to build confidence for individual dancers to return to the studio when the time is right.

Dancing Bodies

An inclusive experiential anatomy approach

This season of Home Practice has been led by Thomas Goodwin and the three sessions he offers that are influenced by an experiential anatomy approach – which means that how you experience your own body is the starting point from where to explore movement.

Sessions use human anatomy, imagery, exploration, and movement to discover more about the function and potential of the body. We hope these sessions provide an opportunity to dig deeper into your practice and investigate authentic movement.

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