An illustration of a dancer laying on the floor, yellow grass grows up around them.

A black linework illustration of a dancer laying on the floor, yellow wisps of grass grow up from the ground with them, the background is a pale olive grey.

Seedbed is a teacher training course delivered by Stopgap and guest dance practitioners with a range of different lived experiences and inclusive dance expertise.

Seedbed is a chance to connect with other like-minded artists and facilitators and begin evolving a more inclusive way of teaching dance.

  • 'I loved Seedbed and found it a really valuable course. I have really been inspired to start my own inclusive dance group of some kind following this course!'

  • 'A very thorough course and very inspiring'

  • 'I would recommend this course to anyone needing a comprehensive introduction to teaching Inclusive Dance sessions'

About the course

Example Session Outline

  • Inclusive Approach 1: inclusive ethos and barriers with Laura Jones
  • Learning Differently with Cherie Brennan
  • Exploring Inclusive Dance Practice From a Deaf Perspective with Sara Marshall-Rose
  • Dancing For and With Visually Impaired Young People with Holly Thomas & Freya Spencer
  • Inclusive Approach 2: open language with Laura Jones
  • Sensory Moves: teaching people with profound and multiple learning disabilities with Nicky Norton
  • Connecting With ‘Hard to Reach’ Young People Through Dance with Hannah Martin Reilly
  • Neurodiversity in Dance with Laura Jones and Lily Norton
  • Inclusive Approach 3: finding a balance with Laura Jones
  • Bilingual Dance Languages: movement translation with Laura Jones
  • Bilingual Dance Languages: movement tools and aids with Laura Jones and Guest
  • Inclusive Approach 4: roundup, introduction to IRIS & networking with Laura Jones

If you have any questions about Seedbed please contact Lauren Trim, Creative Learning Manager.

  • Laura, a wheelchair dancer, points across the studio.
  • A wheelchair dancer
  • Dancers in a studio
  • Fin, a white man sat on the floor.

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