Discover training and development opportunities for disabled dance artists.

We discuss pathways into dance by drawing on examples from TIN Arts, Stopgap Dance Company and the journey Independent Artist, Aristide Rontini, took as a disabled dance artist in Italy. This webinar will also explore individual lived experiences to identify barriers to training and progression.

Watch the webinar recorded on 17th May 2023

Cover image description: A photo of Disabled Italian dance artist Aristide Rontini overlaid with graphics. On the left of the image is a large, orange, round-edged square with three black and white speech bubbles. In the speech bubbles are a small drawing of dancers and arrows. Below the orange square is the title ‘Open Dialogo’ and the subtitle ‘Rigour and Inclusion: Developing Disabled Dance Artists. The image shows Aristide, a white Italian man whose right arm ends at the elbow, shirtless and looking the camera, his right arm held out and his left arm bent in to cup his hand under his chest.