SPUN Productions

SPUN Productions. Two dancers side by side, one holds a big black film camera and looks through it, the other flamboyantly holds her hand up.

Tomos and Laura in their characters from SPUN. On the left, Tomos crouches down at the same height as Laura, he looks through the viewfinder of a large black film camera. Laura on the right, flamboyantly throws a hand upwards past Tomos with a pout on her face, her other hand grabs the left wheel and rim of her wheelchair. Laura wears a shimmering red catsuit with gold jewellery which contrasts against Tomos' plain black t-shirt.

SPUN Productions takes place within a dream of our misguided hero, Dave. His monotonous living room is taken over by boisterous characters from a TV show, who subvert his familiar life into bizarre fragments and put him through chaotic tasks. As images of retro TV shows are explored, this vivid production presents a collision of the real with the surreal.


Lucy Bennett
Artistic Direction & Choreography

Lucy Bennett, Kat Davis, Steve Jonstone, Chris Pavia, Anna Pearce, Hannah Sampson, Tom Thomasson, David Willdridge, Tomos Young

Chris Fogg

Mary Drummond
Set Design

Martina Trottmann
Costume Design

Jim Pinchen

Sho Shibata

Musical Score

MacArthur Park’ by Jimmy Webb, used by kind permission of Universal Music Publishing Ltd.

Supported by

Accentuate (the London 2012 Legacy Programme for the South East), The Foyle Foundation, Woking Dance Festival, The University of Winchester and The University of Surrey