Two dancers at a table, one leans forward the other leans outward. With a deep red background.

Two dancers at a shadowed table against a deep red background. On the left David, a white standing dancer, looks down at his palm sliding along the table. On the right, Laura, a white wheelchair dancer, leans and looks away from David, one hand still lingers near his, the other hand falls over as she leans. Both have dark hair, David's is short and Laura's is sleeked back into a low bun. They wear dark tops, arms bare and sculpted by the stage lights.

Trespass was a double bill of Within by Thomas Noone and Splinter by Rob Tannion. Artistic direction by Vicki Balaam

Within by Thomas Noone

Within sees a lone dancer being drawn into her own imaginary world. The piece plays out against an unorthodox soundtrack of a harpsichord clashing with various Indian instruments and presents an equally unconventional mix of explosive movement, bodies crashing into furniture and touching duets.

Splinter by Rob Tannion

Thrown into another world and on a quest to progress their work, the dancers wrestle to balance their hunger for creativity with their desire to demonstrate a delicate humility. In their attempt to achieve cohesion, will the group subsist or Splinter?


Vicki Balaam
Artistic Director

Denise Woods

Lucy Bennett, Sophie Brown, Laura Jones, Chris Pavia and David Willdridge

For Within

Thomas Noone

Pedro Navarrete

For Splinter

Rob Tannion

Jim Pinchen

Martina Trottmann
Costume Design

Supported by

Arts Council England, The Point – Eastleigh, Farnham Maltings