Chris's Solo Inspiration


Ahead of his performance of Captain’s Duty, Chris shares his inspiration behind the piece.

The inspiration for my solo came from the work of James Henry Pullen. I looked at pictures and images of his work. His sculptures caught my eye because I find them very creative, my favourite being the ship shaped like a crab with the thin gold brass legs, it has great detail. This inspired me to make something new. For each Pullen image I did certain tasks in order to help create movement. I improvised on things I liked and worked with shapes and textures. Some pictures had lots of detail where the sculptures had tiny cracks and others were bold and strong. I developed my movement to make it clean and strong. I also came up with different images that express the work such as scooping and ‘dragon wings’.

Nadenh composed the music with ideas that I felt would fit with my movement. I gave him words like smoky, daunting, washed away, fading. He added sounds in between each phrase, which create the atmosphere of a shipwreck, just what I was looking for. At the beginning of my solo the ticking represents the marching and for my main dance section the build up of music represents anticipation and then being pulled down.
The emotions for my character are feeling loneliness; he doesn’t feel like anybody is there on board the ship. He has been stranded on an island out at sea and he sits himself down on a windy dark night where the sea is quite rough and stormy. But it’s not that pleasant, it gets cloudy, it drizzles and then it gradually turns into a storm.
For my costume, I choose a blue shirt that represents the sky and dark trousers that are smart like a captain of a ship would wear. My jacket shows his importance, how my character would take control of the ship. I imagine that he takes it off to ready the helm and flags to start coming back after the storm.

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