Christian talks about The Seafarers


Christian writes up how the Seafarers project went and what it meant to him.

A project of epic proportions coming together in the most spectacular fashion! In May this year, Seafarers hit Great Yarmouth sea front in the scorching summer heat. This was a very personal adventure this time round as I grew up in Great Yarmouth and spent most of my life here. It really was the greatest privilege to be able to return and perform Seafarers with Stopgap!

It was so thrilling to see the groups come together for the first time and gel extremely well. This was always an ambiguous factor but everyone fully rose to the occasion, focused and ready perform.

The anticipation and nerves built throughout the week but as we got more familiar with the set and the performance space outdoors it started to feel like a full scale production, each of the individual parts becoming the final pieces of the puzzle. With the addition of music from Moulettes, the energy and excitement of Seafarers was brought to the next level.

It was the best feeling to have my family and some old friends come to watch the performance, some who I have not seen in a very long time. Something very interesting for me was how to not let the pressure of being in my home town, and everything that comes with this, effect the performance. I felt that I could embrace coming back home to give back to a community that has supported me all throughout my early years to the position that I am in now; for that, I will always be grateful.

I believe that the impact of Seafarers extends way beyond the performance. I hope that this amazing opportunity for these young people to dance together will inspire them to keep working together and getting involved in any way they can, achieving excellence in everything that they do.