Hannah on The Awakening


In 2014, Amy Butler, Tomos Young, Siobhan Hayes, Nadenh Poan and I had started the creation of Chris Pavia’s piece called The Awakening. This piece is based on Chris’s idea of using the image of light and dark in a tribal setting. This piece has four dancers who play different shades of light and dark. When we were performing back then, I felt like I didn’t know my character that well, but as a group; we found ourselves as a family of tribal messengers.

Now in 2017, we now have a new dancer to do Tomos’s part in the piece who is called Christian Brinklow. Recently as a group and on our own, we remembered our unison, duets and solos from section to section. Now, I feel more confident knowing the little changes within each section. I also feel like I know my character more now than I did before. Before, I thought my character was in the dark, but now coming from Chris Pavia himself, he described it as more of a separate character, and this made me think about the light we see as our future.

On the 10th of June, Christian, Siobhan, Nadenh and I travelled up to Plymouth to perform at the Funky Llama Festival. Before our performance, we saw a few marquees of art and crafts, face paints and other dance groups performing. Then we went on for our show, and the rain began literally as we started our performance.

The last time we performed The Awakening, I felt the piece wasn’t clear enough because we were still in creation at the time. Now, we remembered it as a group, and the whole piece was upgraded with new characters, relationships and detailed movement. We felt it went really well because we thought it through as a group and everyone motivated each other throughout. We felt it was a good show and overall, we enjoyed it except from rain.