Sg2 Apprentice Company Graduation


Stopgap's apprentice company Sg2 will be celebrating the end of their three year journey with us on Wednesday 29th September. We are marking this milestone with a watch party over on our YouTube Channel at 7.30pm-8pm BST.

An image of Sg2 dancers Abbie Thompson, Fin James, Kat Ball and Sander Verbeek working in a studio

Image Description: A photo of our four Sg2 apprentice dancers moving together whilst being observed by Siobhan. They are in a bright studio space with wooden floors, darker wooden panelled ceiling and a large mirror reflecting big windows. The dancers are side-on to the camera. On the left, Fin and Sander face each other, Fin lunges to grasp Sander's knees with his head bowed. Sander sits watching in his blue framed wheelchair, hands holding the large wheels steady. On the right, Kat and Abbie are in a similar position, with Kat half standing, pushing up against the back her black framed wheelchair with one arm floating high, and Abbie lunging with hands outstretched to support Kat. Photo by Chris Parkes

We would love to have hosted an in-person performance, but the majority of Sg2’s work has had to be turned into digital projects. It means though, that you will be able to observe their achievements online from the comfort of your home!

Join us as we watch ‘Here & Where‘ – a dance and documentary piece. Choreographed by Maria Koliopoulou, directed and edited by Floyd C Konde. The evening will be introduced by Assistant Artistic Director, Siobhan Hayes.

SG2 Graduation featuring 'Here and Where' | Sg2 Apprentice Company Dance Documentary Film


Both films have open captions, this means they will appear automatically as part of the film.

Listen to an audio introduction before the film premiere:
This is a brief audio summary of the film with descriptions of each of the four dancers and the locations featured.

Listen on SoundCloud here: