Where we begin

by Hannah


Hannah writes a poem, telling us the story behind the duet Where we begin which she performed with Chris Pavia.

Where We Begin

Where We Begin is about old distant friends
Seeing one another day by day
The other has a memoir book, the other has a diary
Looking and reminiscing our times together

We meet again, wearing different clothing
Walking and admiring the views
Then we meet again, having coffee at a cafe shop
Drinking and talking our memories
Again and again, we meet again
On a park bench, talking even more

A few days after, we see each other again
Out of nowhere, Chris sees a ghost walking
Starting to reminisce her memories
She sees another, he then moves her
To picture her rooms in her house

Chris lifts me into our dreamy duet
Listening to the waves as the orchestra plays
Reminiscing our memories at a beach trailing the sand
On each other and drinking cocktails as we talk
As it moves us, we capture ourselves in a time loop
As the orchestra plays more beautiful sightseeing moments

Each ghost moves each other
To intertwine like a reunion
Picturing ourselves to move like waves
I then see us in a tarot card reading
As we read our minds, we see each other again and again