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Coronavirus Pandemic fundraising appeal... Please donate here!

Like many organisations, STOPGAP DANCE COMPANY has been massively affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.  We have had to suspend our touring activities, learning and youth programmes and put the majority of our staff on UK Government's Job Retention Scheme... Please visit our Go Fund Me page to find out more.

Stopgap Dance Company have a clear vision and a real potential to instigate positive social change.

Our overall aim is to bring disabled and non-disabled people together and create an equal platform for everyone to achieve their potential. In the microcosm of our company, we have created an exemplary example of a truly inclusive environment, which has enabled us to nurture exceptional disabled and non-disabled dancers from the grassroots to the international stage, where we perform our exhilarating productions. We believe that our practice can be transferred to other disciplines within and beyond the arts.

Inclusion, equal opportunities and progressive attitude form the backbone of our organisation, and through our performances and creative learning projects, we advocate for the power and the beauty of social integration to the wider world. As we frequently say in our company:

Difference is our means and our method

And there are numerous ways that you can support our work!

Fund a project

Our groundbreaking inclusive dance syllabus - IRIS

Stopgap Dance Company has embarked on a journey to address the inequality of dance education. As reported by the Chief Political Correspondent of The Telegraph, the existing grassroots training remains extremely inaccessible for disabled people, and we are devising a revolutionary syllabus to address this issue. The syllabus we propose is called IRIS, and you can click here to find out more.

To complete the research and development phase of this pioneering initiative, we are looking to raise:

£1,000 - to employ a researcher for a term

£2,000 - to employ a composer to create class exercises for one of four levels. £8,000 for all four levels

£3,000 - to engage a Public Relations Agency over one year to increase public awareness and support

£4,000 - to train a teacher over a one year period 

£5,000 - to establish and run a pilot group for a year

£6,000 - build a dedicated online teachers' forum

For more information about IRIS, please contact us online or call the office on 01252 745443 and ask to speak to our Executive Producer, Sho Shibata. 

If you would like to donate, please send us a cheque to our address with your contact details, so that we can send you a thank you letter. We also accept donations online, and if we are able to claim Gift Aid from your donation, please provide us your details here.

In addition to our letter, we would like to credit you in our marketing and programmes as a key individual for making IRIS happen and invite you for lunch with our Artistic Director and the senior dancers.

Our Christmas showcase for the community

Every December, Stopgap Dance Company organises a showcase for inclusive dance groups that we run in the community. All our participants work very hard to create new shows and perform at this celebratory event, so that they can demonstrate their achievements in front of their peers, parents and local dignatories. The event takes place at our home at The Farnham Maltings, and all the participants and audience also get to see our international touring team perform.

The event costs £600 to organise, and we would like to invite donors to present awards to our participants at the platform and credit you as its major supporters in our brochure. 

For more information, please contact us online or call the office on 01252 745443.

If you would like to donate, please send us a cheque to our address with your contact details, so that we can send you a thank you letter. We also accept donations online.

Sponsor a show

Stopgap Dance Company would like to invite you to sponsor one of our shows, so that we can continue to take our exhilarating performances to audiences across the world. Our performances are the best vehicles for inspiring people to celebrate diversity and aspire towards a more integrated society.

Our current touring productions are:

The Enormous Room

In addition to crediting your kind support in our programme and other marketing material, and we would like to invite you to observe our rehearsals, meet our Artistic Director and the dancers and watch a special run through of the sponsored show.

Please contact us online to find out more or call the office on 01252 745443 and ask to speak to our Executive Producer Sho Shibata.

Give while you shop with Easy Fundraising

By signing up, choosing Stopgap as your charity and installing an app on your web browser, Easy Fundraising will donate upto 15% of your payment from online shopping to Stopgap! We have already raised nearly £10,000 through Easy Fundraising.

A wide range of companies such as ebay, Amazon, Tesco and Sainsbury’s have all signed up to this scheme. You can also raise funds by recommending your friends and family to Easy Fundraising and using the website as a browser. Please click here to install Easy Fundraising.

Volunteer with us

Stopgap Dance Company runs a relatively small team for our big ambitions. We would welcome individuals to give up their time to volunteer in our office or at youth company sessions throughout Surrey.

If you would like to support us in kind, please contact us.

Spread the word!

Word of mouth and personal recommendation can be powerful methods of persuasion. If you think any of your friends, family or acquaintances might be interested in what we do, please tell them about our work.

There are different ways to engage with our work, from coming see our performances, participating in our workshops, reading our blogs or visiting an archive of our work on YouTube. Click here to see our online event listings too. We also have a mailing list and have active presence on facebook and twitter.