Artistic Access - Frock

A photo of the six Frock dancers arrange close to one another in a line, each balances a teacup on their outstretched elbows. The photo is caputred from a low angle, a cloudy sky with patches of bright blue illuminates behind them.

[Image description: Six Frock dancers are standing in a line in height order, with wheelchair user Nadenh being the first. They finely balance a set of cup and saucer on the wrist, which is held up to the side akimbo. They are all intently looking at the cups as not to drop them. They are standing in outside with blue skies in the background.]

We are passionate about making our productions accessible to a wide range of audiences, and below are some imaginative approaches to achieve this. Each asset is designed to give enhanced experiences for people with specific access needs, but we encourage everyone to give them all a try! These assets will draw you deeper into our work by inviting you to engage with dance through new perspectives.

Easy-Read Visual Story

Easy-Read Visual Story is a downloadable information sheet with images and simple language that gives you a detailed information about the show. It’s designed for anyone who would feel more comfortable to know what to expect during the performance.

Audio Experience

Dive into the world of Frock with audio experiences led by the dancers!

These four tracks will invite the listeners to explore the choreography and soundscapes of each scene within Frock. They are designed to give blind or visually impaired audiences an enhanced insight into the piece but offer everyone the opportunity to delve deeper into the work.

Each track comes with a transcript.

Audio Introduction

These pre-show notes for Frock give an audio introduction to the work and it’s visual components.