The Awakening (2014, Outdoor)

2 dancers dancing and beating the ground

The Awakening is a quiet but simmering disruption in outdoor spaces. Choreographed by learning disabled dance artist Chris Pavia, The Awakening involves individuals trapped in a strange but mesmerising ritual. The Awakening is performed by disabled and non-disabled dancers.

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Production Credits

Choreographer: Chris Pavia

Choreographic coach: Lucy Bennett

Danced and devised by: Amy Butler/Siobhan Hayes, Nadenh Poan, Hannah Sampson and Tomos Young

Costume designer: Martina Trottmann

Composer: Andy Higgs

The Awakening contains vocal samples from Choir Capella Ducis (courtesy of klankbeeld) and sound effects from Thalamus_Lab and ERH

Hair and makeup design: Amy Blake

Commissioned by

The Mayor of London's Liberty Festival with support from Arts Council England

Supported by

University of Surrey and Wellington College