Amy's Creation Blog

Part 1


Amy has been commissioned to choreograph a short dance work for Sg2’s new mixed bill Exhibition, funded through Arts Council’s Strategic Touring Scheme, touring in Autumn 14. In this 2 part blog Amy explains her ideas for her choreography and where she hopes it will lead…

Many of my initial ideas are still resonating and will be applied when I get in the studio, but I have also been contemplating and discussing different options with Tom Austin (my composer) in terms of music and myself in terms of concept.

The reading by Sri Swami Satchidananda, ‘One Catchword’ is still the main starting block and will be explored as a theme throughout, but I have discovered more complexity in this and want to incorporate a number of ideas. The reading talks about having one catch word in your life that will help you when facing problems. Each dancer will spend time discovering their catchword and translate this into movement. The feeling should be optimistic and the movement individual.

One major development is that I have a set! Three different sized and structurally sound wooden boxes, going up a step in height each size. This idea came about when discussing the music and its potential structure and wanting to explore the idea of competition and also climbing up. Each dancer will begin with one box and they will move with this as well as alongside. Currently in my mind the boxes will initially symbolise each dancers catchword or life philosophy and then as the dancers begin to interact they will become a structure used to tip, turn and support and then eventually a familiar image of a staircase, representing their spiritual climb.