Amy's Creation Blog

Part 2


Prior to the first day of creation I had been researching, discussing, planning and collecting like a crazy squirrel before winter. Time being very precious and limited I wanted to make sure that I used it optimally; as well as the usual factor of a short creation period other events had arisen that would also encroach.

However, after the first morning my day to day plan went out the window – or morphed. It is important to have freedom in the planning to allow any creative potential to grow, if the plan is too rigid it can restrict and inhibit. Having said this my careful preparations did provide a structure and focus when things began to head in a direction that was not appropriate. It meant there was always a new task or idea to introduce that would prove more fruitful.

After the first creation week I am really pleased with what we have and to be honest it is along the lines of what I intended even though the route there was slightly different. Many of the deviations from the original task were due to my response to how the dancers were working. When you are planning at home sitting at your desk there are no variables, as soon as you are in the studios there are hundreds; you have a choice, to ignore these variables, be stubborn and steadfast and have a generally difficult and stressful process, or listen and respond to the variables, deciding when you can alter in accordance with them or resist and persist with the original plan.

So far the process has felt very calm and considered and the dancers have responded wonderfully. I know this week will be tough as I have left some of the tricky bits to tackle, hopefully the music will provide the impetus we need!