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The Winter’s Tale Shakespeare

Winter Platform Blog 2015

The first day of choreographing, with Guildford Youth Group on Wednesday, I taught the group the Statue Sequence, that I had prepared for the youth group. We all looked through the pictures and I told the group about the theme of the week. I also mentioned that the theme is based on the idea of Shakespeare’s Winters Tale and that is what we would be doing for our Winter Platform performance. I feel great that I have been asked to do the choreography, because I recently had experience with choreographing other dance pieces such as The Awakening, Captured By The Dark and Shadowed Voices and I have had great experience through working with Stopgap.

Because the theme for 2015 is Shakespeare, I’m basing it on how people find their way through a cold snowy forest. And they see a lot of Statues that surround them and looking at the branches full of snow falling off the trees to the ground.

I think that the youth group are brilliant to work with because the group have more potential working with each other.