Dave Toole on working with Stopgap again


Dave Toole is a name you can’t escape from hearing when involved in the inclusive arts world. With his career starting from attending a dance workshop in the early 90s, Dave has ventured far since and has become a well-known face with a unique style of movement. Dave started off in the dance company Candoco, touring with them for some years. He was asked to perform with DV8 in The Cost of Living, a piece that is now world renowned and where Dave really made a name for himself. He also become involved in acting, appearing in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. His most recent appearance was in front of millions performing in the opening ceremony for the Paralympics. If you missed it click here to check him out.

Now working with Stopgap Dance Company for their new work Artificial Things, Dave explains why he has come back to work with the company full time.

“I have worked with Stopgap before, but never contracted for long-term, just popping in to be a guest performer for their outdoor work Tracking.  I came close to signing before because I like what Stopgap do, they have a certain personality about them that other companies just don’t have. Even when people move on and dancers change, the welcoming manner stays, as Stopgap are very specific about who joins the company. This is because they are not just dancers; they have to get on as people, as friends because they spend such a portion of their time together. So, when I was asked if I wanted to become involved I was flattered. I like Stopgap’s style, as they’re not always too serious, there is almost a comedic quality that comes out within their work. However, with Artificial Things, they have taken a slightly different angle, the overall piece has a more serious intention, with higher quality movement, which is going to make people watching sit up and notice. There are still lighter moments, but the company is moving on with Lucy Bennett taking over as Artistic Director last year and becoming more choreographer-led. I think they’ll have much more to offer and will be taken even more seriously now by the industry with this new work.” Dave Toole

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