Monday Musings with AD

All Change Please


Another Monday musing with Lucy Bennett, showing that sometimes everyone has to think on their feet and go with the unknown.

“All Change please” and making something out of nothing again

This year has seen a ridiculous amount of upheaval thanks to cast changes, Disney and a disappearing orchestra. I won’t go into the details of that now, well it wouldn’t be the professional thing – but I will say one thing, Stopgap if anything, is resilient.

As inclusive dance teachers you think outside of the box, be inventive and yes just keep going and so over the next five weeks we will be doing just that. Except without the years of prep we usually put in when anticipating a creation process.

Over the next five weeks I am lucky enough to have some wonderful dance artists in a beautiful studio. Unfortunately what we were hoping to make cannot happen and four years worth of dreaming and scheming will yet again be postponed.

But what an exciting place to be! Yes frightening but exhilarating no less – an opportunity I rarely give myself, a chance to create with no plan, no expectations or preconceptions. What an opportunity! In fact right now I feel like Eddie the Eagle at the top of an ice-cold ski slope ready to speed down and launch into the air – who knows how it will go. This may be a moment in history where we make the best work we ever have, who knows we may decide to never plan a project ever again, could this be a new Swan Lake, Chorus Line or Rich Man’s Frug? (I can hear my producer blubbering right now).

But this is a great chance to just research what we do best with no pressure of a premiere. Yes we have lost a little money, but it will also give the artists some breathing space, genuine artistic investment and it will no doubt inform the next work.

So hooray for change.  As Bob sings/says:

“May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift”.

If you are interested in joining the choreographic ride or want to join in company class, don’t hesitate to contact us our doors are open (especially now the premiere is postponed for a year).

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