Home Practice


Welcome to the second week of Stopgap’s NEW online dance programme: HOME PRACTICE. In this blog Tom introduces our Home Practice Seeds…

Hello, Tom here, I hope you enjoyed last week’s release of Groundwork classes. But that is only a taste of what’s to come! We have just released the Autumn season’s Seed videos.

We consider Seeds to be bite-sized dance workshops that explore a variety of key subjects in inclusive contemporary dance practice. This season there are 4 Seeds:

  • Lucy will introduce some tools you can use in your performance practice – how to embody and express images through the body – in her Seed: ‘Performing the Image’.
  • Laura will offer a Seed on ‘Textures’ and how to bring depth and detail into your dance through nuanced movement qualities.
  • Amy’s Seed looks at ‘Alternative Ways of Finding Mobility’ – suppleness and flexibility are often talked about in dance – and so Amy will offer a variety of different ways to demystify how we approach mobility in the body.
  • And in my own Seed, we’ll look at the subject of ‘Touch’ with some ways that I’ve found to explore the world of touch and how it might expand how you think your own movement practice.

From next week onwards, we will start releasing one Home Practice video per week. The Groundwork and Seed videos will hopefully have supplemented your enjoyment and learning from the weekly Home Practice videos.

Having said that, there are no set places your Home Practice journey should start, and you are welcome to go back and forth between various videos at your convenience. Remember also that you can go at your pace with Home Practice. You might like to do part of a class – taking a pause to reflect or practice for a while before continuing. Or you might have a big appetite and want to do several sessions in a row!

However you want to follow the programme – I recommend going back and trying things out a second time, especially if you find something challenging. That’s how we learn and develop skill. And if you get stuck on something – let us know! You can write a comment or question under each class and we will do our best to respond as quickly as we can.

I hope you enjoy these classes.

With best wishes,
Tom and the Home Practice team

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