The Seafarers

The Production


And here is the third and final part of this weeks featured blogs from Artistic Director, Lucy, summing up working on the Seafarers.

The Awakening in front of the HMS Victory at Portsmouth.

The Seafarers in front of the HMS Victory at Portsmouth. Photo from the dress rehearsal.

And so it has been a long yet swift journey. The weekly sessions down in Portsmouth have been a joy; it is always good to be able to go deeper with our practices because we have the time and opportunity to get to know our young people really well. I am hoping some of the students we have met this time around will turn out like Amber (Abstract Arts) who met us several years ago – maybe they too will be influenced by Stopgap and want to embrace inclusion and make it part of their dance journey.

So . . . all the elements of the production are finished and in this final week we put them all together and like those workers in the first historical images that inspired us we are certainly feeling small in comparison to our large production in front of the magnificent HMS Victory in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard. But in reverence to the generation upon generation who worked in the Dockyard we too will work together with enthusiasm, skill and pride to make it happen.

Join us at Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June at 8pm Stopgap’s The Seafarers accompanied by alternative Folk band The Moulettes. It’s outside so bring an umbrella, coat, sun cream and a picnic!

We would like to thank Portsmouth Festivities for believing we had the vision and tenacity to make it happen.

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