Alice Shepperson



Alice Shepperson

Alice graduated from Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2015, she then continued her training at JV2 [Jasmin Vardimon’s Professional Development Certificate Course].

Alice has worked with companies and artists: Made by Katie Green, Barnaby Booth, Casson & Friends, Chhaya Collective, Tino Sehgal, Lina Lapelyte, Dirtmarket, Hawk Dance Theatre and The Knotted Project.

Alice is an associate lecturer in dance for the University of Chichester and an associate artist for Highly Sprung. She is also a qualified Pilates instructor and is continually developing inclusive Pilates classes.

In 2017, Alice won the Nottingham Young Creative Awards in dance. Alice thoroughly enjoys amalgamating theatre, dance and comedy, and constantly seeks new ways of exploring these forms. She aims to always evolve her way of cultivating and celebrating individuality whilst teaching and creating.

Alice joined the company as a performer in 2019 for the production of Frock