Discover the imaginative ways in which inclusive artists have made their work accessible to disabled audiences. The webinar will also demonstrate how creative access can open a new creative frontier.

Discussions will reflect on the work of three Italian dance artists, Camilla Guarino, Giuseppe Comuniello and Diana Anselmo, whilst also highlighting Stopgap’s approach to Creative Access during the research and development of their new production ‘Lived Fiction’.


Watch the webinar recorded on 7th June 2023

Cover image description: A photo of Disabled dance artist Shyne Phiri, a slender dark skinned black man with long thin black dreads wearing over ear headphones. Overlaying the image are graphics, on the left side is a large, black, round-edged square with four speech bubbles on it. In the speech bubbles are different icons relating to accessibility. Below is the title ‘Open Dialogo’ and the subtitle ‘Creative Access for Dance Audiences’.